Troy hails from New York where he had an epiphany that one day he needed to work at a tattoo shop! One day, a few months after he moved to St. Pete, FL, he approached Brandon Pearce about recieving an apprenticeship. Brandon figured it would be nice to have someone do all his cleaning and pick up his food from acropolis so he said yes!

Troy now works at foolish pride regularly and is said to be awesome with customers using a refreshing amount of humility and humbleness and in his field. He has honed his skills in piercing with lips and septums being his favorite and can pretty much pierce anything with skill and confidence minus a few advanced piercings.

Troy also likes to prance around as the “Sexy Rooster” at special events. Be sure to look for this handsome dark skinned gentleman and say HEY! Troy also likes anime, comic books, japan, yo-yoing and drawing and also made this website!