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  1. Hey, I had my belly botton pierced 8 years ago but it got ripped out after 2 years. Now I have a scar and I wanted to see if I would be able to get it pierced again and the price.
    Thanks :)

  2. Hey I want to have my belly button pierced in like a week or so and was wondering what the price would be?

  3. Dear Fellas,
    my name is Pat, i´m from munich (Germany) and i own a tat studio myself.
    we come to visit FL (Orlando first then St. Pete) in October… i´ll come with wife and friends, and we´ll looking for a place to get some ink done! King Pin Supllies recommanded you as a Nr 1 Place to go! ;) So if you would get back to my via email (use the one above please) i would be glad to talk about an appointment around Oct 16th…!?! So far, will the Darkzide be with you Fellas…! ;)
    Greetz from the upcoming Oktoberfest in Munich,

  4. wondering if you do white ink tattooing and how long does it take to get an appointment for tattoo at your parlor looking to get one done second week oct?

  5. Come on in so we can take a look at it! If we can pierce it, it will be $45 including jewelry and aftercare! :D -Troy

  6. Yes it’s doable however we don’t suggest it. Give us a call at 727-824-5612 for further explanation or come in to the shop! :D

  7. Greetings from Florida! We will send you and email as soon as possible with further details! Thanks pat!

  8. This is addressing the comment, T.J., made on, Ink Master. T.J. is having back problems and the solution may be rods in his back. I just wanted to tell, T.J., that I have 2 L shaped rods down my spine and I am better off for it. I had mine done in 1984 and I have had no problems with the rods. Gloria Estafon has the same rods in her back, because, of an injury she recieved in a bus accident. I say…go for the rods. By the way, my recovery time was less than 2 weeks, I was off pain pills in a month, and I was getting back into regular life after 2 month’s. T.J., you and my husband are, Brother’s in Arms, he’s, Army, retired and a veteran of 4 foreign wars. Thank You for your service, but, I feel for you getting injured. Oh, I got my rods at age 25.

  9. Hey I was looking into getting a tattoo by Renee. I was curious of how long the wait list is and how does your shop charge? Thanks :)

  10. Quick question. I’ve been considering getting a tattoo maybe 3″ x2″, so not too big, of a quill pen writing out “live free” probably on my upper back shoulder blade area, probably in all black but with maybe a little bit of purple. Maybe a small, classy flame with it but nothing too huge. What’s an estimate of how much this would cost? I don’t mind saving up if it’s a lot, but I just want to get really good quality. :)

  11. Hi Mallory!Thank you so much for contacting us! Unfortunately we can’t see the area it’s going so we can’t quote you here however, we recommend you come in to the shop so we can set up a consultation, give you a price, and draw something up! :D

  12. Renee has some openings early next month! Feel fee to call us so we can schedule a consultation! :D

  13. Hey guys, I want to get my ears pierced so I can start the slow but rewarding process of stretching them. I’m just wondering, how much it’ll cost me?

  14. Random question for you. Im looking into getting a prince albert and im trying to find a piercer experienced in this field as it is a sensitive area. Richard from Alchemy tattos told me to check with your shop since he no longer has a piercer qualified for this type of piercing. Thanks

  15. Hey, My names Tori,
    I want to get my first tattoo from you guys in April and the tattoo is of my mom who passed away Dec. 2nd. I would love to have it on the lower part of my back neck, have it colored and under it says
    Feb. 13, 1974 – Dec. 2, 2012
    Can you please give me an estimated cost of the tattoo?

  16. Hey, I will be holidaying in St Pete’s in June this year and would like a cover up. I have 4 Chinese symbols on my lower back running down my spine and would like them all covered. Was thinking something along the lines of tribal and stars, do you have any recommendations of sites I can check out possibilities to use? Thanks x

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