Angelika is a tattoo artist with a vast Academic background in the Fine Arts.  Although she is well versed in mediums such as sculpture, clay, calligraphy and mosaic art ; she mostly focuses on various painting techniques as well as drawing.  Utilizing the knowledge of art she has acquired over the years, has helped her to implement the concepts of design and color study to better transfer ideas into the world of tattooing.  She values the importance of being versatile and is intrigued by facing challenges of various forms. She enjoys pieces that require her meticulous approach to detail in which the best of sterile techniques is always achieved as well.  Angelika attained her apprenticeship at Foolish Pride Tattoo Company 4 years ago and has been there ever since. After 3 years of being full time she has learned from many wonderful artists. She is excited to see what the tattoo industry may have in store for her in the future.