TJ Hal

TJ Hal has been tattooing for about 7 years now and is Co-Owner and Head Artist of Foolish Pride Tattoo Company in St Petersburg FL.

TJ attended The Joe Kubert School for Cartoon and Graphic Design, and also has his Associates from University of Colorado.  Before tattooing, TJ worked for both Marvel and DC Comics as a penciler, inker, and background artist.  TJ still does some free-lance comic work from time to time when he is not tattooing.

TJ was also enlisted in the United States Army for 5 years as a gunner on an Abrahms Tank and a Sniper.  He has been to the Middle East and kicked some terrorist ass!!!  Due to his military experience, TJ forces most of the employees to do push-ups whenever they are late to work… building a bigger, better, and more muscle bound tattoo artist!  TJ prefers working in BIG BOLD BRIGHT COLORS, with a very evident comic book influence.