Renee Little was born in 1985 and was raised in St. Petersburg FL. in 2003, she graduated from Pinellas County Center of the Arts, where she became extremely versed in oil, acrylic, water color, mixed media, photography, sculpture and even gas welding. After high school she was determined to live the life of an artist, making her money via guerrilla art shows, selling original punk /Victorian inspired jewelry, purses, and clothing. In 2006 she attended St. Petersburg College to further study fine art, art history and religious studies.

Renee has been professionally tattooing since 2007 and has focused on merging fine art, realism that also encompasses traditional lines. She varies in many different styles but is most inspired by dramatic black and grey, or vibrant textured Victorian/neo traditional.  She is most known for her attention to detail and bringing life to the impossibly dull.  She still is a very active painter, crafter, and dabbles in entomology, which contributes to her love of tattooing animals and insects. When asked what else she would be doing if she had another occupation she replies, “Tattooing saved my life, if I wasn’t able to do this I would probably be in a gutter.”