Brandon Pearce has been a professional piercer for 5 years and has quickly progressed into a renowned modification artist. The Practices of clean and safe body piercing is his main concern. Everything from proper aftercare, high quality jewelry knowledge, and sterile technique are what has set him apart from your everyday, run of the mill piercers.

Brandon is a sponsored piercer and modification artist by Natures Pure Defense as well as multiple clothing companies. For advanced modification work such as sub and trans dermal implants, scarification, and suspension, email the shop and he will respond depending on the state laws in your local areas. Advanced Body modification is illegal in the state of Florida thus he travels for these kinds of procedures.

Remember good piercings aren’t cheap and cheap piercings aren’t good…So do your research and only go to qualified artists!!!!

P.S. Yes, his last name is really Pearce…No, he didn’t change it, And he has heard all other comments a million times lol!!!!!!