Lil’ Teejay

TEE JAY has been piercing for 2 years now.  He is Florida State Certified, and Also Blood Bourne Pathogen Certified. TEE JAY specializes in Micro Dermal Anchoring, Clean, Effective Piercings with top of the line jewelry, and is a whiz at Simpson’s Trivia.

Before piercing TEE JAY spent 15 years in the music industry, doing everything from playing in bands, guitar tech and sound engineer.  Locally he spent 4 years as the State Theatre sound engineer in downtown St Petersburg.

TEEJAY has been gaining more and more recognition as one of the top piercers the area has to offer.  His knowledge, attitude, and exceptional technique keeps clients coming back exclusively to Foolish Pride Tattoo Company.

Only go to the top artists in your area for safe piercings. Without proper training and effective execution of all piercings can lead to serious complication. This is how TEE JAY has flourished ahead of other piercers in the country!!