Bart (Manager)

In a GALAXY…  Far Far Away (actually Long Island, New York) I was brought into this world at 10:02 pm, many many years ago.  After I turned twenty-one, I moved to Florida with my brother…  After thinking it was going to be a short vacation, I realized I would never live in NY again.

I moved around the state a bit, and I found home to be wonderful St. Pete.  After being offered a position answering phones and booking appointments for these amazing artists.  I gained the title of “front guy”…  “ Go talk to the front guy for your next appointment”, “Hey tell the front guy, you owe $350”, “ you must be the front guy, right?”  “Nope, just the guy sitting behind the computer in the FRONT of the shop, silly”… After months of learning the ways of this glorious industry and becoming Heavily Tattooed, by the artists I enjoy working with everyday.  I became “SHOP MANAGER”(…insert cool music here).

Now after being a part of the Foolish Pride Family for a couple of years, I run the daily operations of this well-oiled machine…